The experiences had by some of the best clients in the world.

We loved working with Taylor! He photographed our wedding and our engagement pictures, and we couldn't be happier with either. He has an incredible eye, which results in some breathtaking work. His relaxed personality also helped us immediately feel comfortable in front of the camera. I was impressed with all the details he was able to capture during the wedding--he's great at catching those perfect candid moments. His turn-around time was impressive, and his work is amazing. People always ask us if our engagement photos were Photoshopped. We always just tell them no, we just had a fantastic photographer.
I would highly recommend Taylor to anyone looking for a photographer.
-Christina Hunsberger

Taylor shot and directed my band's very first music video and it was a huge success! He had found the perfect locations for the shoot, and was able to translate the story we wanted portray accurately. Once shooting was finished , we had our first draft of edits within the first day or 2. Taylor is highly recommended!
-Patrick Williams

An oldest daughter’s wedding is a milestone for any parent. Memories last, but the wonderment of the moment may be lost with time. The video of my daughter’s wedding has brought so much repeated joy. I relive the moment as of new. Taylor perfectly captured not only the events of the day, but somehow he captured the spirit of it as well. This is what lingers and I am grateful for his expert eye.
-Kathy Berry

Word's cannot describe how grateful I am to Taylor! My husband and I had just about given up on the idea of having a videographer for our wedding after our original one fell through two weeks before our date. Taylor came to our rescue and we could not be more happy. Taylor is so unbelievably talented! He somehow managed to capture exactly how it felt on our big day. He is so easy to work with and his work is just breathtaking. A year later and we are still moved to tears every time we watch it! If you want results that will continue to fill you with joy for years to come, Taylor is the way to go!
-Hannah Wigginton

Taylor is the epitome of creative genius, generosity, and excitement. The man has been such a source of quality production and engineering for me on many levels. I've worked with him on some songs of mine and he took the time and effort to not only do a phenomenal job, but coach me along the way, actively inquire about what I need as the artist, and then made sure I was 100% satisfied with the final product. I've also had the privilege of working alongside him in video production and I will gladly tell anyone that Taylor's attention to detail is uncanny, his ability to be flexible and resourceful is genuine and inventive, and ultimately he knows how to make the subject of the video look incredible. Taylor Rigg is one of the best in the industry and his art and work speak for themselves.
-Jordan Chambers

Taylor is an artist in all aspects of his work. Whether it's recording music, mixing or mastering, taking pictures or making a video, he treats all of his ventures as a work of art and truly puts his heart in to it. He's very relaxed when working with his clients and encouraging at the same time. This in turn, really helps you as a musician or model to stay relaxed and truly perform your best work.
I would definitely recommend Taylor Rigg to anybody who is serious about getting quality work done.
You won't regret the result.
-Tyler James

“I am so thankful for Taylor! I thought I just needed someone to help me quickly record vocals and mix my song, but it ended up being a session truly brought my song to life and inspired new ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Since then I have worked with Taylor multiple times on different projects and loved it every time. I can’t wait to continue working with him!”
-Lily Garay

I have had the pleasure of working with Taylor on a hand full of projects. Above the wealth of technical knowledge of recording, Taylor has a keen sense of the magic that abides in music. Great mind, great heart.
-Jack Rutherford

Taylor and I met a while ago. I had a really great photo shoot with him at Shenandoah and I‘m still sooo obsessed with those pictures. He’s so talented and I‘m very thankful that he gave me this opportunity to do that. Thanks a lot !!!
-Pauline Mass

Just looking at Taylor's photography is enough to see both skill and passion. I had a pleasure to participate in photoshoots in Poland and in Iceland. I don't know any other person, who could capture those special moments in such an artistic way. Taylor is definitely number one in his field and the best choice for any photography / video recording event.
-Andrzej Jagiello